Where Do I Come Up With This Shit?

31 Mar

Maybe this question needs some proofreading, because what I really mean to ask is not where, but why.

Right now, I’m envisioning a room in my brain labeled “Self-Interrogation“.

The “Idea In Question” is sitting in that space. You know the one:

Even Martha wouldn’t mess with this decor.


If Martha Stewart had a How-To Guide for “The Most Unbearably Uncomfortable Room of All of Your Longaberger Basket Buddies,” I’m positive she would agree to the credentials listed below:

Abnormally sparse, uncomfortably null and void of anything other than the most unwelcoming/standard furniture cast: the Table, Chairs #1, #2, and #3, and that obnoxious Spotlight.

(Okay, maybe she would add “an area rug that relates and complements the palette in the room”.)


But about that Spotlight…

Every subject ever to sit on the receiving end (usually in Chair #3) of those “Where were you on..?” questions has been blinded by that damn Spotlight. It’s been used in every interrogation scene ever, which shouldraise some eyebrows. Someone should really be interrogating the Spotlight and how it’s so “conveniently” a part of every interrogation case. Ever.

So, after having my writing stride broken by a wined housemate and rereading my previous commentary, I believe I answered my own question:

I have no idea about my ideas. I just have them.


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